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Litigation Support & MDR

Managed Document Review is a part of litigation which is the most time consuming and demands experienced resources. Generally, counsels and lawyers are so wrapped up with their tasks that they don't get the time and the resources to manage and successfully execute a Review. That's where we come in. With different types of MDR that we offer, you are certainly covered with effective and scalable solutions to your Litigation Support needs.


An MDR is a part of a bigger umbrella i.e. EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) and is conducted with the help of a review tool, such as Relativity, ViewPoint, Nuix Workstation, Brainspace, etc. These tools are also helpful in maintaining the entire lifecycle of a workspace and can also be used to run analytics on the data to derive more targeted results.


Many estimates show that a review typically takes up around 60 - 80% of the total cost of the EDRM processes and hence, is a very expensive task.